An Honest Risk Warning !

The stock market is the most competitive environment you can possibly imagine and engage with. Money in the markets is not created, it is only redistributed from the bulk of losing participants to a small number of winning participants. Most traders ( likely over 95%) lose money and many lose all of their funds over a short period of time before quitting the markets altogether ( read more). It is paramount to only trade with money you can afford to lose. When you decide to engage with the markets for the first time the odds will not be in your favour and you will likely experience substantial financial losses or possibly a complete loss of your starting capital early on. Most traders (including us) learn it the hard way. You have to be aware of the risks and you must always work on reducing that risk in order to survive the steep learning curve of becoming a profitable trader.

If you do not understand the risk associated with trading (especially with the use of leverage), then you should consult an independent financial adviser immediately BEFORE you start trading real money in the markets.

We at Thweis are self-taught private traders and NOT financial advisors. We never had any professional training in trading. While we both have an academic degree, we do not have an MBA in economics nor do we have any professional background in finance at all. We just share our self-taught and hard learned knowledge which we acquired through trading our own money in the stockmarket since 2009. We believe that all trading is high risk and we willingly accept and embrace that risk!